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Sales Director Plus


Are you happy with your current profit level?

If yes, that's great but, if NO, then read on...

What is Sales Director Plus?

Sales Director Plus helps financial services businesses, like yours, drive up their sales by recruiting

  • Heads of Sales 
  • Sales Directors 
  • Business Development Directors 
  • Distribution Directors

or whatever you call them.

Sales is really important to every Financial Services organisation.

Every Financial Services organisation depends on growing sales if they want to continue in business.





Do you need to grow your sales?

If you want to grow your sales, you need the right person heading your sales.  It's really difficult to get the right person in place, and it's really important to get the right person in place, and it's really difficult to get the right person in place.

If you don't get the right person in charge of your sales, the chances are that your company will start to stutter and perhaps even fail. If your company is stuttering or failing, you'll recognise the importance of getting someone back in charge who's going to drive your sales upwards, and that's what we've put together Sales Director PLUS +.

If you want to hire someone for a crucial Head of Sales position, it's really important that you get the number one person you possibly can, because it's a bit like motor racing, or most team sports, there can be a massive difference between number one and number two and that small difference will amplify over time.

How to avoid making common mistakes

If you want the best person you need to avoid making a couple of common errors which we see a lot.

Don't hire your friends

That can be a massive mistake, because as you probably know, if you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got. So unless what you've got is perfect now, the chances are you'll just get more of the same, so if you want to drive a step change, you want to avoid that.

Hire the Best Person not just the Person available

The other thing that people are making a big mistake in, is just thinking that it will be easy and its not that important who they get as their Head of Sales, as their Sales Director. They basically see who's on the market, or maybe even just get a random approach by somebody and they hire them. You really need to take them through a big testing sequence to make sure they're right.

Sales Director PLUS + follows a rigorous process to ensure you get the best person and avoid making the wrong decision.




If you are a Sales Director, and would like to be considered for our Sales Director Plus Opportunities, please submit your CV below:


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