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Who would you choose?

A wealthy man is accused of a murder he didn’t commit but there are no witnesses to coroborate his story.

He is given a choice of two lawyers.

The first is a successful experienced barrister with 20 years of experience in defending complex murder trials. He has a success rate of 87%. He is good but expensive charging £1000 per hour

The second is just out of law school and still studying part-time. This would be his 3nd case. His success rate to date is 0%. He is cheap at £125 per hour.

If you were the accused who would you choose to defend you? 

You get what you pay for.

If you hire us to undertake a search for your business you benefit from 20 years’ experience in fulfilling complex recruitment needs in the financial services sector and a dedicated team.

Leave the traineed to learn their trade at someone else’s expense!

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