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Book Launch! Reinventing the Financial Advice Profession


Over lockdown, I decided to start writing a book. It's been an ongoing project for the last 2 years, and I am finally at the stage where I can start talking about it! 

The research process has taken almost 2 years, and has involved talking to a number of financial services industry professionals and listening to their opinions. 

As well as reminicing, some of my interviews have given me the opportunity to reflect on where the industry has come from and identify the pivot points which has made the profession what it is today - as well as helping me project where it will be tomorrow and in the longer term. 

The book takes you through the journey of the financial advice profession, how it grew up from a group of Life Assurance salesmen to the highly regulated profession it is today. 




A small extract from the book: 


The 1980s were the glory days for financial advisers. The promise of flash cars, incentive trips and high commission cheques drove the profession. There were no barriers to entry. You could sell double glazing one week and be a financial adviser the following Monday.

Through to the 2000s, it was ‘Sell! Sell! Sell!’. Although this was great for the commission-hungry financial adviser, it didn’t give any longevity to the industry. In reality, a financial adviser’s income was only as good as his or her last commission cheque, and the major focus was on winning new business rather than servicing and supporting existing clients.⭐


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Review - David Carrington 

"A fascinating journey that reminds us just how much financial advice has changed over the past 40 years. Paul has been there throughout, and his insight creates a lively read that stirs many memories for those of us who were there and will leave those who weren't open mouthed in disbelief.

Paul captures each phase of the market development with some fascinating interviews and uses his own experiences to draw telling conclusions and to provide a clear insight of how he sees the future of financial advice.

A labour of love, written with the same passion that Paul applies to his business."