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Affordable Executive Search

As a business leader, your success is partially determined by your ability to attract and land top talent.  Regardless of what employment statistics tell us or what economic factors and trends we experience, the bottom line is that there is an ongoing and never-relenting challenge for Directors and Managers to evaluate and improve their approach to attracting and securing the best individuals.  The competition is fierce, and the strongest candidates could be across town or across the UK. 

The difference between a good candidate and the best candidate for the job can be valued in £millions per year to your top line and £six figures to the bottom line.

If you know what skills you need but don't know how to secure them or have more important things to do than identify, locate, approach and shortlist your own candidate then we can offer you an affordable solution.

We have the know-how, resources and time to help clients think in new ways about how to identify and recruit top talent.  It is what we do: we know the business, and we will take the time to know your business.     

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This area of our website will give you a greater understanding of the types of assignments we can undertake for you and the financial and management benefits you will receive. The Case Studies section will also show real examples of how we have helped financial services clients recruit the best staff to meet their strategic business needs.

Types of Search

There are a variety of methods we can use to assist in the recruitment of the high level staff your organisation requires. The most effective in identifying the best person for your role may not even be aware they want to move roles! Our expertise and reputation is identifying them, convincing them and then recruiting them for you. Please check the How a Search Works section for more information.

Financial and Management Savings

When companies are considering using executive search to recruit new high level staff the normal concern is over the costs involved in comparison to more mundane recruitment methods. Our experience shows that failure to use executive search can actually cost a company far more, both in financial, management and strategic loss.

“Meeting the candidates and then providing full and thorough briefings to everyone ensures our clients and candidates always have a clear insight into each other before the interview” Paul Harper

TargetTed Recruitment

Executive recruitment will always be looking to recruit the very best person for the role given its strategic level within the company. The best people for such a specialised role are likely to come from a small group of individuals within the financial services sector. Such individuals may have no intention of moving from their current employer and have not looked at recruitment adverts for months or even years. They expect to be headhunted.

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