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What is “different” about being Headhunted by Paul Harper Search?

Question- What is “different” about being Headhunted by Paul Harper Search
A candidate’s experience by Alan Waddington, Head of Field Sales at Guardian 1821.
“Having worked with Paul Harper and his team as both a candidate and a client, I was able to see the added value that they gave in terms of ensuring that we got a quality team in at Guardian. There are lots of reasons for that; the structure, the structured questionnaire, gathering the CV, contacting people who might not have all been looking for a position, positioning how exciting and interesting the proposition was going to be and getting the culture across to those candidates was a key part of it.”

 When I first spoke to Paul, he said he was working for a new Insurer coming to market, He didn’t disclose the company name so I was intrigued. It was a little bit different for me, but I was pleasantly surprised.  

"When he explained about the plans I thought this has got to be something I need to explore more!

 The way it was all explained to me, the way that the role and the culture was set out for me, made it very clear and very easy for me to make decisions as we went along. The screening process and some of the questions that were asked of me, helped me to gauge “is this the right job for me?”…not just whether I what Guardian were looking for.

(The process) gave me milestones along the way. I actually found it quite a pleasant experience to be honest.
Ultimately, I was persuaded to join by a combination of factors, not least of which was the role itself.  The new company, new proposition coming to market, it was very exciting! Something to be part of and help to build.
The whole process around the headhunting and the positioning of the job helped me to make that decision. “Is this the right job for me?” and having gone through the process with milestones along the way, when it came to a job offer on the table it was actually an easy decision to make in terms of accepting the role.  The contact from Alison and Paul at Paul Harper’s was excellent so at no time was I feeling like I had been forgotten."
What happened afterwards?
"After I had been a Guardian candidate through Paul Harper Search, I found myself in the position where I was the recruiting client in the process.
Having been through their process it gave me a picture of the people I needed to hire for my team at Guardian and some clarity around some of the qualities we might need so it gave me a bit of an advantage, having gone through the process myself.  One of the key things for the field sales team was making sure we got the right quality of candidates. Paul Harper’s team worked hard with us on that and certainly helped us achieve a very high standard of candidates."