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Theresa Carruthers - Strategic Relationship Manager


Theresa Carruthers - Strategic Relationship Manager - Scottish Widows



"There was something about the Consultant who called me who just really captured my imagination"

"Really positive and great"

"She was absolutely amazing all the way through. She was so supportive, she just kept touching base with me all the time, checking in on me and then she would go off and investigate and find information out"

"I'd have to give the process 10/10. If I could say 11/10, it was great, seriously it was really helpful"

"I had a lot of support... I changed it (presentation) and tweaked it and edited a lot based on the feedback that I had from Charles Evans in terms of how I should approach it"

"I have actually approached friends of mine about using Paul Harper Search and I just wholeheartedly gave them my fullest endorsement, and I recommended to them that they ought to approach yourselves, and if they're ever approached by your business, that they ought to really take on board the role that was being offered to them"

"I want to say thank you to you and your team because it really felt like a big team effort, that supported me all the way through. It was incredible"