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Scott Sinclair, Operations Director

Scott Sinclair, Operations Director, Novia Global



"It was a really welcoming, open message from Emily"

"I wasn't actively looking for a role, I was happy where I was"

"She answered a lot of the questions I had"

"I felt supported"

"I felt more and more confident in the process"

"Any questions I had, you were able to answer confidently"

"It was a really good process"

"Having those points of contact, the support from you throughout that process, that key person. I think ultimately the regular check-ins has really helped"

"The concerns quickly went away with all the support"

"Having the initial interview allowed me to open up a little bit more aound questions that you necessarily wouldn't always ask directly to the company"

"I most certainly would recommend Paul Harper Search to any future individuals looking at opportunities"

"The service that Paul Harper Search has given me throughout has been exceptional.

"I felt valued as an individual"