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Richard Adams - Mergers & Acquisitions Partner


Richard Adams - Mergers & Acquisitions Partner - Fairstone Group



"I've known Paul Harpers for a number of years, specifically Alison French who I think is an absolute dream. She's so supportive, so caring, so methodical in her approach"

"You very much wanted to sift through the individuals that you had, that you were looking at for this role"

"It started with a interview with Tim, to understand my role, responsibilities in my current job. Just to make sure that the fit was right. And I think that's very professional. "

"It also shows that you are caring about your client and not just the people that you're putting in front of them"

"If anyone wanted a role in Financial Services, Paul Harper Search & Selection would be the first people that I would recommend to anyone"

"You are by far the most professional outfit I've come across in recruitment"

"Without a doubt, it us the overall profesionalism