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Paul Speight - Head of Key Account Development


Paul Speight - Head of Key Account Development - Canada Life



"We like the fact that it's not just the CV you get, you actually get the Structured Questionnaires, you get a much better sense of the individual"

"Alison's knowledge of the marketplace and how we work, and the kind of people we're after, she very much understands what we're looking for at Canada Life"

"She knows the kind of people in the team that we've got, so she knows what sort of people to look for that would compliment those skills that she's already helped us bring into the team"

"We very much use them (the Structured Questionnaire) as part of our managerial filtering"

"I'd have no hesitation recommending Paul Harper Search to anyone else"

"Having worked with Alison, she's very personally involved in making sure that we get the right people into our business. She's very keen on making sure that once they (the candidates) come into our business, that they're happy as well"

"The candidates also enjoy the experience that they have going through Paul Harper Search, and that's just as important for me"