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Oliver Skinner, TNS Financial, Practice Principal

Oliver Skinner, Practice Principal, TNS Financial


"We really struggled to find anyone that fit the criteria. We thought it was a quite challenging role to fill. So we came to you"

"We were very impressed with what we got back" (shortlist of candidates)

"We got a very long report back, detailing a shortlist of people they'd spoken to and narrowed it down, basically giving us the choice"

"They were there every step along the way, helping us, giving us a bit of advice, and feedback, and holding our hands"

"I would definitely recommend and do it again if we needed to fill another position"

"The person we hired has now been with us for a couple of months, and we're still in contact with yourselves, getting feedback from them, and making sure everyone is happy"

"It's not a case of you're done, you've been paid, it's cut off"

"You helped us design a job description"

"The candidates were very well briefed, everyone who sat down with us had a good understanding of what we were looking for, a little bit of background about our company as well as our main objectives. It made the first interviews much more productive than we thought they were going to be"

"If we were ever in a position where we need to hire again, we would go right back to you because it's been impeccable"

"There's nothing I could fault about it"