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Neil Laughton, Head of Compliance


 Neil Laughton, Head of Compliance, Amber River 



"You prepared me extremely well by looking through my CV, making sure that I was the right fit for Amber River and equally that Amber River was the right fit for me. 

"At no stage did you or the rest of the team put any pressure on me"

"If there was a question that I had, you went out your way to answer it for me"

"You kept me handheld all the way through"

"I felt comfortable, and reassured, and really prepared for those meetings"

"What sets your team up above your peers if your attention to detail and the fact that every week / two weeks we'll have a call with Tim, just tomake sure that it's still going as expected. It's a great way of getting 360 degree feedback."

"It's a very joined up team-based approach"

"I would say that Paul Harper Search are total professionals in everything they do, from reviewing your CV, through to setting up suitable interviews, and opportunities that are right for the indiviudal and the right fit for the firm"

"It's clear from the after sales service that you are there for the long haul. It's not the case of shoehorning people into place, leaving them there for 6 months, and then potentially recruiting them again"