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Matt Robinson, Managing Director



Matt Robinson,  Managing Director, Embark Group



"You got back to me very quickly"

"That kind of pace and communication and interaction has been common throughout"

"A really detailed process"

"We kind of skipped the first interview stage as you'd asked the questions on his behalf and given him a briefing"

"The difference with Paul Harper Search was that you kept communicating, even when there wasn't necessarily an update"

"Paul Harper Search are really good to deal with. I felt they had my interests at heart"

"The process you introduce in terms of the briefing documents, the structured questionnaire, I think it's invaluable for clients in terms of getting somebody who's the right fit"

"As a Hiring Manager, the last thing you want is 10 people coming through the door and having to interview, because you just don't have time to waste on people who aren't suitable. You essentially just get a quality selection straight away and off you go"

"Whether you're a client, whether you're a prospective employee, then you can't go too wrong working with Paul Harper Search"