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Martyn Southam, Business Development & Strategic Director

Martyn Southam, Business Development & Strategic Director, Salisbury House Wealth



"I've been lucky enough to work with Paul Harper Search previously, so I knew that when I was contacted it was going to be for a relatively realistic opportunity and a realistic match"

"I was impressed, it was quite clear that Tim had a good handle on the business that he was working with and the role that they were looking to fulfil"

"It was a really positive experience"

"You had a real in-depth understanding of what this business was looking for"

"I got the right preparation around what the role was expecting, what the people involved in the interview were looking for."

"I felt very prepared to be able to present myself in the best light"

"Preparation was really strong, really confidence boosting, and the feedback was very, very thorough and timely"

"I would definitely recommend Paul Harper Search, in fact I already have"

"I think you do a thorough job"

"In my experience, the whole process was just managed effectively and smoothly"