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Martin Clement, Business Relationship Manager

Martin Clement, Business Relationship Manager, abrdn



"You could have a very open and honest conversation with Alison"


"Your market awareness, your longevity and your brand and the awareness of people. They're the people you want to work with"


"It's very regimented in the way you want to get a lot more out of the candidate"


"It's very paramount when you actually meet the company for the first time because they've got a good snapshot of you. We've gone through the structured questionnaire and experience and you've built a really good dossier in terms of who the candidate is"


"It's not just the job spec, it was good to see in the context of where this role was going to sit, which particular team, reporting lines and so on. To have that up front before having the initial conversation with abrdn was good"


"Alison knew a lot about how the role was going to sit within the business"


"There was continual support"


"By doing the structured questionnaire it meant you can get straight into some of the slighly more nitty gritty"


"I can't say enough about Alison in terms of her support as much as her actual experience and the ability to do her role"


"Constantly keeping me in the back of her mind. She was pushing for timely feedback and it's been such a pleasure"


"If someone else is looking, they've got to come to someone that's got such a good reputation, such a good brand, because that's the proof in the pudding"


"Even when I got the offer, Alison was then still making sure that everything was happening, the offer document, strat date, right up until literally joining"


"You're not just hitting a number target, it's about building rapport and a relationship with the candidate and the client is going to get a real quality number of people put in front of them"


"It has been exceptional. Alison has been fantastic