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Kyle McGill, Chartered Financial Planner

Kyle McGill, Chartered Financial Planner, Amber River East Anglia



"He was very responsive and very clear in how he came across. He wasn't trying to dodge a question"


"He was prepared to answer the questions, let me consider it and then arrange for a time at my convenience, which is reassuring"


"It's nice that I found a firm of recruiters that were following the same values that I have"


"He called me the day before just to check if I had any questions before going into the interview. He followed up with me the day after to check how it went, was the expectations right. Which again, was really refreshing."


"I sent my 100 day plan to Tim and he reviewed it. We worked on some expectations, what we think is achievable, how to best present it, which was helpful. Getting a second pair of eyes from an industry expert is really valuable. So it means I could put my best foot forward going into the meeting. So again, I felt supported."


"I think with you there's a lot more exclusivity. It was something I've not seen before, which was refreshing."


"It made me feel that they were being very selective and to be in the room was a bit more of a privilege"

"Whereas coming to Amber River, I knew who was going to be interviewing me so I could do my background research, which makes me feel more confident and I could have more productive chats regarding that. So compared to other recruiters, having that exclusivity for me is quite important."


"Once John introduced me to Tim, he's talking to me throughout and it feels like somebody who I could pick up the phone to tomorrow and he'd pick up and speak to me and as somebody who I'd want to naturally keep close."


"Really pleased with the service overall and having a point of contact that I can refer back to."


"Paul Harper Search has helped me find out my new job, which has been a better fit for me for in terms of my values, my culture that I was looking for and increased my salary more than I expected to."


"Tim at Paul Harper search has really done me well over here and I couldn't recommend Paul Harper Search enough."