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Iain Lightfoot, Managing Director


 Iain Lightfoot, Managing Director, Newcastle Financial Advisers


"I wasn't actively on the market looking for roles. In fact, I was very happy, comfortable, things were going well when we then engaged in discussion"

"It was from that initial discussion that peaked my interest"

"The role outline was put across very articulately, very useful information to allow me to make an informed decision"

"I do feel it was useful to not reveal from outset who the business is, because by knowing who the business is, that might actually allow you to have an overly favourable opinion or actually an overally negative opinion"

"Paul Harper Search & Selection continued to provide me with great support through what was an extended period of time"

"You liaised with me regularly, and you also liaised back to the business regularly"

"I would encourage any potential candidate that you approach to listen to what you have to say, because knowing how you work, you will have done your research before you actually pick up the phone"

"I would recommend Paul Harper Search & Selection based on my experience as a candidate, and also in terms of a client if I was looking for suitable candidates, particularly in niche positions that can be incredibly difficult to find the right person"