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Fran Dunne - Sales Manager


Fran Dunne: Sales Manager, Quilter Financial Planning



"It was comforting to know that you knew us so well"

"You ave really good, fresh knowledge of all of our recent journey in terms of rebranding and the consolidation of the different elements that makes up Quilter. It felt like you were representing us when you were going out to search for candidates that would be suitable"

"I was really impressed with the calibre of individuals that you put before us and also the speed"

"You were the right fit for us, we didn't have to do trial and error"

"I liked the extra document (Structured Questionnaire). It gave you a bit more personal insight, in terms of matching to the role, the attributes we were looking for, in terms of what they would bring to the part, you honed in on that in terms of where they would add value, where their strengths were"

"They all had a good grasp of the role, we didn't have to spend time telling them what the role was about"

"We had a choice we found difficult, there were two or three candidates that were really strong. Any one of them would have been a great outcome"