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Colleen Duggan - Implementation Manager


Colleen Duggan - Implementation Manager - Canada Life




"It's been really refreshing"

"It hasn't just been a put you forward and leave you to it, I ust feel as though we've struck up a really nice relationship all the way through, where we've just checked in with each other, sent the old email with a quick update"

"Felt like a bit of a partnership all the way through"

"I would definitely recommend you"

"I didn't feel like I was being pushed to apply for it, and sometimes you can feel like that"

"What really impressed me what the candidate brief that I got ahead of the interview"

"I felt like I went into the interview process really well informed on exactly what to expect. Lots of background information about Canada Life themselves, a bit about their culture and just really prepped for the type of things that Alison felt they might be looking for"

"I couldn't have been more prepared"

"Alison is just fabulous, she's just totally supportive. I think she's really good at putting herself in your shoes and making sure that you're really prepared for stuff"

"It was great to have Alison on my side, pushing a few bits along when they needed to be pushed along"