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Integration of People and Culture

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If you're in the process of merging or acquiring another business, you likely have defined integration plans in place to cover areas such as systems, IT, compliance, HR, and products and services.

However, it's important to consider how well the integration is progressing to maximise synergies, retain key individuals and clients, and minimise disruption.

We offer support in several key areas to help ensure a smooth and successful integration. Examples of integration work we can offer includes:

Advice Process Training:

We can help integrate the acquired firm into your established advice process through training for Advisers, Paraplanners, and Back-Office teams as appropriate, which can include a validation process.

Redefining the Advice Process:

As a result of the acquisition, you may need to redefine your sales process to accommodate new product or service offerings. We can assist in this process and provide relevant training interventions as necessary.

Culture Review:

We can help review the culture of the firm post-acquisition to identify synergies and gaps. We then work with you to implement a top-down and bottom-up program across the organisation to ensure a positive cultural fit.

By leveraging our expertise in these areas, we can help ensure a successful integration that maximises value and minimises disruption.



Project Structure

Our project structure is designed to ensure a thorough and effective approach to addressing your specific issue and achieving your objectives. 

The structure consists of the following steps:

  1. Initial Brief:

This stage involves gaining a thorough understanding of the issue and objectives through meetings with the sponsor or senior leader.

  1. Discovery:

We design and conduct an initial assessment through meetings or workshops to clarify the issue and scope of the project.

  1. Feedback:

We provide feedback outputs from the discovery stage to the project sponsor, along with recommendations and next steps. At this point, some firms may decide to implement the next steps internally.

  1. Design:

Based on the feedback and recommendations, we design the agreed training solution or other intervention.

  1. Delivery:

We deliver the interventions, depending on the scope and other factors.

  1. Evaluation:

We assess the immediate impact of the project to ensure it is meeting your objectives.

  1. Feedback and Debrief:

We provide feedback on the delivery stage of the project, along with recommendations and next steps.


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