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Paul Harper Consulting

Consulting was formed to provide our clients with access to individuals who have specialist skills for a project or an assignment. Essentially the work Consulting carries out is designed to significantly improve business effectiveness and clearly improve business performance. Our network of Financial Services contacts established over 20 years means if we can’t help, then we will know someone that can. Some examples of our services in Consulting are shown below but share the challenge you have with us and if we can’t help we will tell you.


Our Services

Our services include:



Increasingly businesses are realising that hiring a short term resource to replace a key person can be a smart way to continue business momentum and the list of possibilities where an interim might be right are endless but a few examples are:

      -  Filling a business critical vacancy whilst a permanent search is undertaken.

      -  Providing leadership when the business has lost the captain.

      -  Providing a neutral catalyst for change when two organisations merge.

      -  Starting an enterprise that can be managed by a less senior person later.


team development

Do you have a team that work beautifully together, or do you have a collection of individuals who lack purpose together ? Using “Insights Discovery” to understand each other better, will support understanding of style, strengths, and an individual's value to the team and aid team collaboration and engagement. 


Would you or someone in your team benefit from working with an Accredited Executive Coach on a 1:1 basis? The agenda and focus is driven by you and could include topics such as:

          - The challenges of leading a team/running a business

          - Leading a team remotely

          - The first 100 days in a new role

          - Helping individuals make the transition from “doing” to “leading”

          - Managing the performance of others

          - How to achieve the balance between work and non-work



Using an experienced business psychologist, with significant experience in leadership and organisational development can yield excep  tional results for an individual’s personal improvement and business performance. Using someone with a demonstrable track record of success in the delivery of relevant talent and leadership solutions gives psychological safety and trust and applies at all levels of the business from graduates to director level.



Recruiting the right people into any organisation is challenging. Finding individuals who are both eligible and suitable for the role in question is often very time consuming. With senior hires, in particular, it is critical that any additions are a good fit with the established management team.

In essence, employers are looking for someone who gets it (understands the business drivers and culture) wants it (is enthused by the opportunity and possesses a good work ethic) and is capable of delivering it (i.e. has the intellectual bandwidth, experience and other credentials to deal with the day to day tasks associated with the role). Capability is about role eligibility. Wanting and getting it are about role suitability. This is often difficult to identify at interview. The more robust the selection process the greater the chance of making the right hire. It is here that psychometric profiling is able to play an integral part in your hiring process.

Psychometric tools can also be of benefit in raising self-awareness and across areas such as management development, onboarding and team building.

For more information on our Psychometric Testing service, CLICK HERE 



This programme is custom made to suit an individual and is used to help when someone is caught in a restructure and facing redundancy or simply rethinking their career and would value a sounding board to construct the right future path.

As an employer supporting those being made redundant  by providing staff with our support, you will maintain your brand integrity and prove invaluable help to individuals facing what most people consider a very difficult situation. We work closely with individuals on their future career choices and help them focus on the right new direction. We also provide practical support by creating compelling CVs and LinkedIn profiles, planning campaigns to targeted employers, research and interview preparation, transition to new role and encouragement. The programme will help individuals avoid impulsive decisions which can damage careers and    ensure that getting your available now message to the business world is effective in landing the right next role.



Talented staff in your business may include Financial Planners who are highly qualified but have lower productivity. These individuals may progress slowly as they don’t  fully understand what action is required to become a high performing Financial Planner. The answer might well be to use an Accredited Coach who has operated in financial services for 20 years and helps ambitious financial planning businesses grow their talented people more rapidly. The programme includes helping individuals to develop the habits that all the most effective Financial Planners have deeply engrained. Access to an Internationally recognised coaching framework is available for those who want to realise their full sales potential. 



This will focus minds on not losing site of the overall objective and benefits of the newly merged business. The importance of understanding, dialogue and ultimately relationship building to recognise collective strengths and to avoid a "them and us" situation from developing. Finally the importance of a robust integration strategy thereby ensuring not only processes and procedures are collectively defined but also the shared values of the combined function or business are understood by everyone.


Click HERE for more information on our Executive Coaching service

Click HERE for more information on our Integration of People and Culture service

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Supporting strategic planning with intelligent Learning & Development will enable your business to grow while your staff improve their educational reach. Understanding the market, options for delivery and developing a learning & development strategy, will bring a successful learning programme together. Many organisations benefit from having outside expertise to help in this scenario. 



The business world is changing rapidly and understanding clearly what candidates are looking for is essential to successful hiring. We can arrange for a competitor survey to be carried out resulting in a powerful presentation for the board room. Showing facts rather then emotions might get the Finance Director on your side! We will happily share an example of our work with you.



Bespoke pricing according to requirements