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Handpicked Marketing Director

What is Handpicked Marketing Director?

Handpicked Marketing Director is a risk-free Executive Search service, guaranteeing you a minimum of 3 top performing Marketing Director candidates who meet your brief, at an affordable fixed price.

Handpicked Marketing Director is your secret weapon that can help you find the best talent in the market.

We will find you experienced Marketing Directors who effectively combine their expertise, strategic vision, leadership and creativity to achieve various business objectives.

Our service eliminates the risk of hiring the wrong individual and ensures you will appoint the right individual who is culturally aligned to your business and your values.

Handpicked Marketing Director helps ambitious Wealth Managers, Asset Managers, Life Companies, Employee Benefit Consultants, Investment Platforms and Protection Companies attract Marketing Directors to their business.

Cost-Cutting VS Strategic Advantage 

Amid economic turbulence and disruptive market trends, many companies are seeing decreasing margins and quickly targeting marketing costs for reduction.

However, adopting a short-term cost-cutting strategy, especially in areas like marketing, can have detrimental long-term impacts. It's important to remember that these areas, while not immediately demonstrating direct returns on investment, play a crucial role in driving long-term growth.

Evidence suggests that businesses who nurture a growth mindset, even during tough times, often reap significant rewards.

A McKinsey study found that companies pursuing growth during the 2008 Great Recession achieved above-market total shareholder returns (TSR) for the next decade. On average, these companies' cumulative TSR outperformed their sector peers by 150 percentage points. Around 70% of these businesses remained top performers in their sector.

Therefore, in times of uncertainty, growth – not cost-cutting – is vital to gaining a strategic advantage over competitors.


The Challenges you Face

Looking for an exceptional Marketing Director who is customer-centric, creative and innovative, a strategic thinker, data driven, with excellent communication skills is no easy task.

As the role of the Marketing Director continues to evolve and become more complex, especially in these uncertain times characterised by rapid changes in consumer behaviour and digital trends, finding and selecting the right person for the role is more critical than ever. Unfortunately, traditional recruitment methods can be costly and time-consuming, They may not always identify candidates with the right mix of skills, particularly in areas like digital marketing, data analytics, and cross-functional collaboration that have become so important in today's marketing landscape. These inefficiencies can delay the hiring process, hindering business growth and causing missed opportunities or failure to meet targets.

Making the wrong senior appointment can be costly, with estimates suggesting that it can cost up to 2.5 times the salary of the position. For instance, hiring a Managing Director with a salary of £100,000 could end up costing the business over £250,000.

Moreover, the negative impact of a wrong appointment goes beyond financial implications, as it can cause reputational damage, lower productivity, disrupt the company culture, and erode the confidence of employees, colleagues, and shareholders.

Attracting and selecting the right Marketing Director is a critical factor in driving business success and avoiding costly mistakes.


Why and When Should you Hire a Marketing Director?

Deciding when to hire a Marketing Director can depend on various factors, such as the businesses size, budget, and strategic objectives.

Business Growth and Expansion: If your business is growing rapidly, launching new products or services, or expanding into new markets, a Marketing Director can help strategize and manage these changes effectively.

Rebranding or Revitalising the Business: If your company needs a rebrand or is trying to alter its image, a Marketing Director can provide the strategic vision and leadership necessary for such an undertaking.

Lack of Marketing Expertise: If you're finding that your current team lacks the necessary marketing expertise or strategic thinking, a Marketing Director can fill this gap.

Need for Leadership and Direction: If your marketing team lacks leadership or direction, bringing in a director-level professional can help provide the necessary guidance and oversight.

Scaling Up Marketing Efforts: If you need to significantly scale up your marketing efforts, a Marketing Director can manage this process, ensuring that growth is strategic and sustainable.

Increasing Complexity of Marketing Channels: As your company grows and starts to utilise more marketing channels (social media, content marketing, SEO, etc.), a Marketing Director can help manage and optimise these various channels.

Interdepartmental Coordination: If you're struggling with alignment between marketing and other departments such as sales, product development, customer service, etc., a Marketing Director can help ensure everyone is working towards the same goals.


How can Handpicked Marketing Director Help You?

Investing in a robust Executive Search service is crucial to ensuring that you attract and hire the best Marketing Director for your business. By partnering with us, we can help you stay on track and achieve your business goals.

Our Handpicked Marketing Director service is designed to target exclusively the individuals who meet your specific brief, even if they are not actively looking for a new opportunity. For a small upfront cost and an attractive fixed fee, we can identify and engage with the top talent in the market on your behalf.

With over 24 years of experience in recruiting Marketing Director-level roles within Financial Services, we have developed a process that effectively filters and identifies individuals that align with your requirements.

We take a tailored approach to every search, starting with a deep understanding of your business, culture, and objectives. This allows us to source, assess and present candidates who have the right skills, experience, and cultural fit to make a positive impact on your business.

Attracting and hiring the right Marketing Director is a critical step in the success of your business, and we are committed to providing you with a recruitment service that delivers results.



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