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Handpicked Compliance Director


What is Handpicked Compliance Director 

Handpicked Compliance Director is a risk-free Executive Search service, guaranteeing you a minimum of 3 Compliance Director candidates who meet your brief, at an affordable fixed price.

With our proven track record and extensive network, we are your secret weapon in finding the best Compliance talent in the market.

We understand the importance of finding an experienced Compliance Director who has a successful track record of ensuring legal and regulatory compliance, developing and implementing policies and procedures, and working collaboratively with other departments, such as risk management and legal teams.

By partnering with us, you can eliminate the risk of hiring the WRONG person and ensure you appoint the RIGHT person who is culturally aligned with your business and values.

Our service is designed to help ambitious Wealth Managers, Asset Managers, Life Companies, Investment Platforms, and Protection Companies attract the best Compliance professionals to their organisation. 

 The Challenges you Face

The Financial Services Industry operates in a heavily regulated environment, with compliance regulations constantly evolving. With the introduction of new regulations such as the Consumer Duty from the FCA, the demand for compliance professionals has surged, while the pool of qualified candidates remains limited. This makes it challenging for businesses to find the right person with the required skills and experience.

To compound the issue, traditional recruitment methods can be expensive and time-consuming. However, making the wrong senior appointment can have significant costs. Estimates suggest that it can cost up to 2.5 times the salary of the position. For example, making the wrong Compliance Director appointment, with a salary of £100,000 could ultimately cost the business over £250,000.

The repercussions of a wrong appointment extend beyond the financial implications. It can also result in reputational damage, lower productivity, disrupt the company culture, and erode the confidence of employees, colleagues, and shareholders.

Attracting and selecting the right Compliance Director is, therefore, a critical factor in driving business success while avoiding costly mistakes.


When is the time to hire a Compliance Director?

The time to hire a Compliance Director will depend on several factors, including the size and complexity of the business, the regulatory requirements of the industry, and the risk appetite of the business.

Early-stage companies may not have a need for a Compliance Director until they reach a certain size or level of complexity, while established companies may already have a compliance program in place and need a Director to oversee it.

Generally, it is recommended to hire a Compliance Director before a business begins operations or as soon as possible after, to ensure that regulatory compliance is built into the business from the start.


Reasons you might need to hire a Compliance Director
  • Compliance regulations are becoming more complex and stringent, requiring a dedicated compliance professional to ensure that the business is meeting its legal obligations.
  • The business is expanding into new areas or markets, increasing the scope of its compliance requirements and necessitating a dedicated compliance professional to manage these additional obligations.
  • The business has experienced compliance issues in the past, and needs a Compliance Director to implement stronger compliance policies and procedures to prevent future issues.
  • The business is planning to launch a new product or service that requires compliance expertise, such as a new investment fund or insurance product.
  • The business is preparing for an audit or regulatory inspection and needs to ensure that its compliance policies and procedures are up to date and fully compliant.
  • The business is planning a merger or acquisition and needs a Compliance Director to ensure that both businesses are aligned in terms of compliance policies and procedures.
  • The business is planning to go public or seeking new investors, and needs to demonstrate to potential investors that it has strong compliance policies and procedures in place.


How can Handpicked Compliance Director help you?

Our executive search service is designed to provide you with a targeted approach to attract the top talent in the market, even those who may not be actively looking for a new role.

We understand the challenges of hiring a Compliance Director, especially with the constantly changing compliance regulations in the Financial Services Industry. With over 24 years of experience in recruiting Compliance Director-level roles, we have developed a robust process that identifies and filters individuals who align with your specific requirements.

We take a personalised approach to every search, starting with a deep understanding of your business, culture, and goals. Our team of experienced Researchers and Consultants will source, assess, and present candidates who have the right skills, experience, and cultural fit to make a positive impact on your business.

Partnering with us can save you time and resources in finding the right Compliance Director for your organisation. With our risk-free service, we guarantee a minimum of three qualified candidates who meet your brief at an affordable fixed price.

Investing in the right Compliance Director is crucial for your business's success, and we are committed to providing you with a recruitment service that delivers results.


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