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Handpicked Chief Financial Officer



What is Handpicked Chief Financial Officer?

Handpicked CFO is a risk-free executive search service, guaranteeing you a minimum of 3 top performing candidates who meet your brief, at an affordable fixed price.

Handpicked CFO is your secret weapon that can help you find the best Finance talent in the market.

We will find you experienced CFOs / Finance Directors who have had real success in cutting costs, growing revenue and managing risk to help align your business and finance strategy in order to grow your business.

Our service eliminates the risk of hiring the WRONG person and ensures you will appoint the RIGHT person who is culturally aligned to your business and your values.

Handpicked CFO helps ambitious Wealth Managers, Asset Managers, Life Companies, Investment Platforms and Protection Companies attract CFOs and senior Finance Directors to their organisation.


The Challenges you Face

Finding an outstanding CFO, who has excellent communication skills, wider people skills, a commercial understanding of the business, its markets and customers and has the ability to support and challenge the CEO is a difficult find.

The role of the CFO is rapidly evolving and expanding in scope, and during the current uncertain times we are facing the role of the CFO is becoming significantly more challenging and important, and so attracting and selecting the right Finance talent for the future is key.

Traditional recruitment methods can suck up resources with a knock-on effect of failing to meet targets and stifling growth plans.

A CFO is crucial in managing: risk, relationships with investors and internal relationships with key operational managers.

It’s estimated that making the wrong senior appointment will cost up to 2.5 X salary, which means that a CFO with a salary of £100,000 can cost a business more than £250,000.

You also have to consider the reputational damage, reduction in productivity, disruption of company culture and loss in confidence of staff, colleagues and shareholders.

A recent McKinsey survey shows that the CFO’s role is rapidly evolving and expanding in scope, requiring new capabilities and demanding great collaboration with C-suite peers.


How can Handpicked Chief Financial Officer HELP you?

You need to hire the best and invest in a robust recruitment service.

By using this service, we ensure you attract the best available Finance professionals, allowing you to keep your business on track.

This service is suitable for C-Suite, Director, and 'Head Of ' roles - with a typical basic salary of £75,000 to £175,000 per annum.

We target individuals exclusively for you, who meet your brief, and may not be actively seeking a new role for a small upfront cost and an attractive fixed fee.

We have 23 years of experience in recruiting finance management and director level roles within Financial Services and we have finessed a process which filters down individuals in line with your requirements.


5 Steps to Success