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Martyn Laverick, Ian Hancock and Robin O'Grady head up Paul Harper Mergers & Acquisitions.



Between them, they have over 100 years’ experience of working in Financial Services in a variety of settings.

Whether you are buying, selling or looking to add value to your business the work involved is complex, at times tedious, requires attention to detail and is time consuming. Deals can often fail when these factors are not considered so it is their job to be 100% focused on your business so the deal concludes successfully.

They will work with you from start to finish, taking away a lot of the pressure and extra workload that will come during this process, allowing you to continue to focus on your business.

We have a clearly defined set of processes with a set of stages that we work through diligently when helping firms buy, sell or add value to their business.

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Our M&A Services - For Businesses Looking To Sell




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So you think you're ready to sell your IFA business - think again! 

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Our M&A Corporate Brochure 


What’s my business worth now?
What will it be worth in the future?
And how can I get the best deal for my staff, my clients and me?

To get the best deal, you need to have the 4 Ps in place:

✔ People
✔ Process
✔ Proposition
✔ Profit

We’ve put together an IFA business value calculator, which will give you an idea of your current value and how you might take simple steps to improve it.

CLICK HERE to find out the value of your IFA business 

If you want to talk to us about selling your IFA Business or Clients call 01761 252 536

Download below:

Guide to Buying an IFA Business

3 Key Steps when Selling your IFA Business