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Mergers & Acquisitions

Supporting Financial Services companies looking to acquire businesses and/or client banks.

Working with Business Owners looking to sell for the optimum price.

Our M&A team includes individuals who have themselves been Business Owners and actively bought & sold businesses for over 30 years.

We have been supporting businesses in acquiring Senior Staff & Director since 1999.

We arranged our first Financial Adviser business acquisition in 2001 and have been helping Financial Services Directors achieve their business goals ever since.



We help IFA Business Owners grow via acquisition and successfully exit their business via a bespoke business sale.

We ensure Business Owners get the deal, terms and structure they want by providing a range of innovate and comprehensive services targeted specifically at this market sector.

We focus on providing these services to the smaller and medium sized IFA businesses ranging from the sole practitioner to multi RI (up to c10 RI’s) firms.

We are more than just a broker. When you partner with Paul Harper Search you get levels of services that are designed to specifically help this sector of the IFA market both in terms of depth of services and how they are costed.

If you are selling your business we are confident that by using our services we can get you a greater value for your business with strong contract terms.

We make sure we understand your requirements, find you the right acquisition, negotiate terms to completion and then ensure clients are successfully transferred into your business to give your investment the best chance of success.


We can help you: -

Achieve the best possible return

Payment structure to suit your requirements

Upfront or structured payments

Understand the value in your business

Acquire growth funding to increase profits pre-sale.

For individual IFA business or IFA firms (+ restricted)

Retiring IFAs now or planning for retirement in the future

Access biggest Wealth Managers that are Acquiring IFA businesses and are well financed

Help with Entrepreneurs relief

Help you plan your sale and lead you through the maze of jargon

Guaranteed Multiples or annual structured payments

Download below:

Guide to Buying an IFA Business

3 Key Steps when Selling your IFA Business 



What’s my business worth now?
What will it be worth in the future?
And how can I get the best deal for my staff, my clients and me?

To get the best deal, you need to have the 4 Ps in place:

✔ People
✔ Process
✔ Proposition
✔ Profit

We’ve put together an IFA business value calculator, which will give you an idea of your current value and how you might take simple steps to improve it.

CLICK HERE to find out the value of your IFA business 

If you want to talk to us about selling your IFA Business or Clients call 01761 252 536