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For C-Suite and Leadership Roles

When you choose Tailormade, we prioritise your assignments and guarantee dedicated research time, committing to a minimum shortlist of a 5 suitable candidates by a fixed date.

We target individuals exclusively for you, who meet your brief, and may not be actively seeking a new role.

We provide psychometric testing to guarantee you hire the best culturally aligned individual for your business. 


What is our 'Tailormade' service?


You can expect:

Candidate exclusivity

Headhunted candidates

Dedicated Paul Harper Search team (Director, Consultant & Researcher)

Dedicated Timescales (8 weeks to shortlist)

Rigid screening process, including face-to-face interview with Director

Bespoke selling documentation (we represent and sell your business)

Psychometric testing (optional) and onboarding calls

9 month Candidate Replacement Guarantee (Psychometrics excluded)

12 month Candidate Replacement Guarantee (Psychometrics included)


What are the associated costs?

Total Fees Upfront Cost Balance

30% of guaranteed first 12 month salary

(reduced to 25% if Psychometrics excluded)

33% of total fee

2 stages

(Shortlist and Acceptance)


Frequently Asked Questions