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Financial Planner Plus


What is Financial Planner Plus? 

Financial Planner Plus + is for Financial Planning and Wealth Management businesses, who want the benefit of an executive search within a timely manner in order to beat the competition.

By virtue of paying a small upfront cost, we have an obligation to find, headhunt, screen and present a number of suitable candidates for your role.

This is specifically designed to help Financial Planning businesses to get ahead of the competition and secure the best available talent before your competitors do.


The challenges you face...

Over 500,000 people below the official retirement age left the UK workforce during the pandemic.

As the majority of Financial Planners are in this age group, it is not surprising that many Financial Planning Wealth Management businesses are struggling to secure the Financial Planners they need to meet with their growth ambitions.

Although short term capacity issues can be made up by using Paraplanners, Administrators, and improving technology, there comes a time when there's just no choice but to hire an additional Financial Planner if you're to give your clients the personal service they're entitled to.

We developed Financial Planner Plus over two years ago with this in mind. It's a perfect solution for growing a Financial Planning business which is struggling to hire good Financial Planners.

Financial Planners are in high demand. We are in a market where Advisers are being approached, interviewed and offered within a matter of weeks.

If you don't act fast, you face losing out to your competitors.



How can Financial Planner Plus help you? 

We know there is a shortage of quality Financial Planners...

We also know that good Financial Planners are in high demand, so if you're looking, it's highly likely that your competitors are also seeking Financial Planners!


When you choose 'Financial Planner Plus+, we prioritise your assignment. We dedicate research time, committing to present a minimum of 3 suitable candidates within a 6 week period.

Once interested candidates have been screened and interviewed by our dedicated Consultant, they will be submitted to you, for immediate action.

We, and you, will need to operate quickly to avoid disappointment.

We target individuals exclusively for you, who meet your brief, and may not be actively seeking a new role for a small upfront cost and an attractive fixed fee.


What is the market currently offering? 


How much does it cost?

Financial Planner Plus Criteria 

Financial Planner Plus is most effective for employed Financial Planner roles.

Financial Planners are most attracted to roles where clients are provided, or there is a lead source. We can advise you on how to make your salary and bonuses competitive.

We recommend you pay a bonus above the candidate's current salary and average market rate for the region.


Your Commitment 

You must have an initial meeting with the candidate within 1 week of receiving the CV

You must decide whether to offer or reject the candidate within 3 weeks of receiving the CV

Why? - We don't want you to miss out, Financial Planners are in high demand, and you need to act quickly if you are serious about hiring.


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