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What can you do to secure more candidates?

10 Important Things to Consider

  1. Only see candidates who meet your brief - either through using a trusted headhunter or by telephone screening.
  2. Have a coffee chat initially to establish rapport and ensure cultural fit. This will pay dividends at 2nd interview/assessment.
  3. Only short list those you like!
  4. If you have done your job, they will want to come back for a second meeting.
  5. At this meeting test skills experience and suitability.
  6. Offer verbally quickly if they are right!
  7. Use your headhunter to get independent candidate feedback (the candidate may tell your headhunter things they won’t tell you)
  8. If they verbally accept, get the written offer out ASAP, make it subject to references.
  9. Run your references quickly and efficiently. If you use a third party reference company, this will slow down the process so make sure you know the service levels and prepare your candidate for the delay. If you run your own references, you have a distinct time advantage, use it. Chase hard.
  10. Ensure you and your headhunter keep the candidate warm!