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THE HIDDEN JOBS MARKET - Why the secrecy?

One of the key benefits of using a headhunter has always been their ability to recruit with the highest levels of secrecy and confidentiality

This benefit continues to attract clients to headhunters, although the need for confidentiality is now changing in some cases.

“We have always been able to provide clients with the ability to recruit without their business plans becoming common knowledge in the Financial Services industry. But the current economic climate is also throwing up the need to recruit for jobs which are hidden even within the client's own company”, explained Paul Harper.

“Headhunters are experienced in identifying and enticing people to consider a new role without telling them who their potential employer is. We can get to the best people without having to advertise our clients’ plans to their competitors but commercial secrecy is no longer the only reason for confidential recruitment.”

The current market is seeing takeovers and mergers, leading to restructures and redundancies and this can have a big impact on the recruitment process. “It would be true to say that mediocrity will be found out in the current climate and this is enabling firms to look at their structures and make weaker team members redundant. Those who are good and adaptable will benefit, but for others losing their job becomes more of a possibility. In such a situation, anyone looking to publicly recruit for a new role or team can find themselves swamped by internal and external mediocre people. Clients recruiting find themselves being approached by colleagues asking them to take people no longer needed in their own team, or being approached by external contacts who are either under threat of, or actually facing redundancy”, continued Paul.

For a company going through the process of redundancy, whilst recruiting elsewhere in the organisation, the problems and pressures to move people into jobs for which they are not suitably equipped can be immense. Resisting such pressure may be key to the success of new ventures and projects, as far better candidates are found externally. In such circumstances the need to carefully match the skills required to the external candidate is essential, and using an experienced and knowledgeable headhunter can ensure this happens.

“Equally important as protecting clients looking to recruit for a 'hidden job' can be protecting potential candidates. The name of the person who recommends candidates is kept confidential and candidates moving forward into a potential role have no details disclosed until the last possible moment, ensuring they are not put into embarrassing situations with an existing employer”, concluded Paul.

So if you are looking to recruit people at a time of change within your own company and need to ensure the utmost confidentiality, you really should only be considering headhunters such as Paul Harper Search & Selection.