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Recruitment is like... Choosing your first dog

Few things are more exciting than finally bringing your new dog home; the newest furry addition to complete your family.

However, there are a number of vital and time-consuming steps that need be taken before making the final decision:


  1. You have to do the research on the different breeds; they have different personalities and needs
  2. You have to do your research on their background and their history
  3. You have to get to know the chosen dog, will they suit your lifestyle?
  4. You have to prepare to have everything in place for their arrival.


In many ways, choosing your dog is EXACTLY like finding the perfect individual to join your team.

But… unlike when you’re choosing your first dog, you’re not on your own. You can let us do the nitty-gritty background research that all Hiring Managers resent. 


When you partner with us to find your perfect candidate:

  • All candidates will be screened against your brief, so you are only presented with candidates who have the right background experience to suit your business
  • Candidates will be benchmarked against other candidates in the market 
  • Shortlisted candidates will have the ethos and values that are culturally aligned with your company



‘But why, when I can do this all myself?’

The initial research stages can be time-consuming, but with our extensive market knowledge and 20 years of experience, you can be confident that you will be presented with only the best puppies from the litter.

All you’re left to do is make the final decision, train and nurture them and reap the benefits of your new addition.

Sounds good right?


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The proof is in the pudding "Without a doubt, I would recommend Paul Harper Search & Selection to any organisation who is experiencing challenges with recruiting staff.  In any capacity whatsoever whether it's professional staff in any area of the Financial Services business I would put Paul Harper and his colleagues forward as a recommendation straightaway.  Generally around the Board including Managing Directors"Jon Collins, Director, Winterbourne Trustees