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Keeping the Subs Bench Full!

Times are tough. Managers are under pressure to maximise the sales performance of their teams and everyone is under pressure to cut costs and increase sales.

A time for Change?

It seems that, unfortunately, no excuses are acceptable. In the current environment, underperforming consultants need to be changed. Equally if you have the wrong product mix you have no option except to change it. However, this can mean that you don’t have the skilled staff to sell your new products.

Filling the Gaps

Gap fill is the talk of the town at present… but we are not talking about qualifications. We are talking about vacant sales panels that cost money. Did you know that you can fill these panels with highly qualified face to face Intermediary sales specialists until the vacancy is filled?

We can offer this through Many sales directors are waking up to this flexible solution. It keeps business flowing and protects you from the inevitable downturn you would usually associate with an empty sales panel.

Vacant panels cost sales. We can prevent this!

A big impact on sales can be if you have a member of staff on maternity leave or on long term sickness. In the past you may have thought there is nothing that you can do about it, but using you have the option to bring in a temporary member of staff on a contract or day rate. We have highly skilled sales professionals who are ready, willing and able to protect your company from downturn.

Cut the Costs

It is very painful to cut costs but in the long run, putting the business on a more sound financial footing is the best way to ensure success.

Anyone who has done it will know that the key to success is to have the right people in the right roles, and focus needs to be on value and not just absolute lowest cost if the business is to return to its previous profitability.

Sales Force for Rent

  • Outsource your sales efforts
  • Save costs
  • Control overheads
  • Restrict liability
  • Quicker led in times
  • Less management expenses