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Finding Hidden Candidates

The role of the Trusted Recruiter in sourcing non active job seekers

Values of Roles

Over the last few years we have a seen a significant change in our clients’ requirements. With a wealth of unemployed individuals in the market, it is relatively easy for clients to find an available candidate to fit into their sales team. We are increasingly being approached to help with more senior, specialist roles and this is where we add most value.

'Hidden Candidates'

One consequence of the current market conditions are ‘Hidden Candidates’ who may be ready to move but don’t want this to be generally known in the market. Increasingly, senior candidates who are currently working may not be willing to share their CVs across the market – with all the risks that this can incur. Instead they will seek a trusted recruiter who they know will keep them in mind for appropriate opportunities as they arise.

Over the past 12 years we have used our expertise for the mutual benefit of candidates and clients, helping them and their teams to adapt to the new realities of employment in the sector and to fulfil their true potential. From individual senior directors through to the recruitment of whole teams, we have been helping our clients to realise their business plans by the identification and recruitment of the best people in order to allow them to achieve their objectives.

This is the added value gained by clients using a head hunter with extensive industry links. When we are approached for help we know where to look and may even know a few individuals in the hidden market who fit the bill. That is what our clients really want... and what they pay us for!