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It’s getting tougher to secure the right candidate for the job

In January 40% of our offers were declined by candidates. The reason being they felt they could get a better offer elsewhere!

Every employer wants the best person they can possibly secure but it is becoming increasingly difficult to find the right candidate. When the perfect candidate is identified, they often have a pick of roles.

As the market moves, many vacancies are being created by redundancy with the aim of getting someone better and cheaper than the previous incumbent. One Director recently said to me that he wants to expand his sales but there is no increase in staff budget so he needs to create the space to hire extra people.

While nearly all our clients are trying to expand, most don’t have larger budgets so it is a question of driving efficiency through clever recruitment, making sure that new candidates pay for themselves. Where we do see expansion, it is still a question of recruiting a round peg for a round hole. Only those with a similar skillset will be good enough.

So what is happening?

Head hunters are the people who can attract the right candidate. We are the people sitting in the market and talking to candidates and clients regularly. We know when someone might be open to an approach and if that is the case, what will push their buttons. Recruitment is part art and part science.