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Book Launch

Back in April 2020 (when Covid first struck) the UK went into lockdown… I decided it was time to do something that I have been putting off for years.

So, for the last 2 years, I have been writing a book all about the Financial Advice Profession.

It’s called ‘Reinventing the Financial Advice Profession: From commission driven salespeople to multi-million pound businesses

The process involved talking to a number of Financial Services Industry Professionals and listening to their journeys and opinions on the profession.

As well as reminiscing, the interviews have given me the opportunity to reflect on where the industry has come from and identify pivotal points which has made the profession what it is today, as well as helping me project where it will be tomorrow and in the longer term.

The book takes you through the journey of the financial advice profession, how it grew up from a group of Life Assurance salesmen to the highly regulated profession it is today.

I am delighted to say that the book has officially launched on Amazon today, and is now available to purchase (either paperback copy or kindle edition



A small extract from the book: 

 The 1980s were the glory days for financial advisers. The promise of flash cars, incentive trips and high commission cheques drove the profession. There were no barriers to entry. You could sell double glazing one week and be a financial adviser the following Monday.

Through to the 2000s, it was ‘Sell! Sell! Sell!’. Although this was great for the commission-hungry financial adviser, it didn’t give any longevity to the industry. In reality, a financial adviser’s income was only as good as his or her last commission cheque, and the major focus was on winning new business rather than servicing and supporting existing clients.