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BillyChip - Our Charitable Partner

Paul Harper Search is delighted to announce The BillyChip®️ Foundation as its charitable partner. 

We are thrilled to partner with BillyChip® CIC social enterprise, a charity that provides a safe and secure currency for homeless people. We are proud to support this innovative solution that helps overcome the concerns many people have about giving cash to rough sleepers.

The BillyChip was created by Billy Abernethy-Hope, a 20-year-old ambulance driver from Bristol. Billy wanted to find a way to help the homeless community and provide direct donations to them. Unfortunately, Billy passed away in 2018, but his idea was brought to life by his sister Meg and father Jon.



You buy a BillyChip for £2 and gift it to a homeless person as an alternative to cash. Creating a safe, secure way to provide help and support if you don’t carry cash, it also alleviates the fear your donation could be misused. The recipient can redeem the BillyChip token in any participating outlet for the minimum of a hot or cold takeaway drink of choice, many outlets offer more. 

The BillyChip ensures that any exchange is only for food and drink, providing a way for people to still enjoy human interaction and conversation with the homeless community, without worrying about contributing to any harmful habits. 



BillyChip relies on donations from organisations, the public, and businesses to expand its scheme. Jon Hope, Co-founder, says they have a lot of work to do in recruiting new coffee shops and cafes to the scheme. Their aim is to have 1000 outlets across the UK, which they project will make them self-sufficient as an organization. They have funded local projects such as Street Vet, Suicide Prevention, and Lizzies Soup Run in Bath, and have plans to provide temporary living accommodation for the homeless in a container village in 2023.

Meg says Billy would be proud of what they have achieved but also think they are a little crazy for bringing his idea to life in his absence. They have learned so much about the homeless community and the generosity of others in the last three years. They are grateful for the incredible support given to them and proud to have been named Charity Partner for several large-scale businesses.

We are excited to partner with BillyChip and support their mission to create a safe, secure circular economy that brings compassion, choice, and revenue to the homeless sector. Join us in supporting this innovative solution and make a difference in the lives of homeless people.


Find out more about BillyChip here: