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A Question of Trust

As we see a move back towards head hunting the biggest challenge we will see is one of trust


Much of the growth is in the small Discretionary Fund Managers and many have a history of over promising on bonus potential. Likewise certain companies who have been late to the platform market have been trying to entice people with big basic salaries while brushing over the fact that most of their current business development team is earning little to no bonus at present.

In the last few months we have had several approaches from candidates who have joined niche or struggling players and feel let down by some of the over promising made. Employees can be quite right to be suspicious. Most will be willing to take a risk if the company is up front with them but not so happy if vital information is withheld.

Signs that the Competition for Talent is Returning

  • Counter offers returning to the market.
  • Basic salaries are rising.
  • Small companies paying large basic salaries to attract people.
  • More vacancies—it is obvious.