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12 Month Guarantee

Taking the risk out of your hiring decision- free 12 month replacement guarantee

Do you know what the cost of recruitment failure is?

The recent study by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) said hiring the wrong mid-level candidate could cost up to £138,000.

We all know that hiring the right senior person can transform your business. So why do so many businesses hold back from making key appointments?

When we asked our clients they all said the issue is the risk of getting it wrong.

Like most search firms we have always offered a form of protection with a sliding scale of clawback or replacement for the first three months. In the 20 years of our existence I could count on the fingers of one hand, the number of times it has applied and what is interesting is that on those few occasions, clients always made it clear they didn’t want a refund, they wanted a replacement.

Isn’t that true of all goods? When you have gone to the trouble of researching and buying something of value, if it is faulty, you are disappointed and want a replacement free of charge. However, with senior appointments, 3 months is too short a time to work out if the person is right. so if there are any problems downstream, it is usually too late for any comeback on the search firm or recruitment agency.

So our clients felt the current system didn’t quell their fears and the clawback system had no real value to them.

We looked at this and agreed. There is no point in offering a feature which has no real value.

As a result we have decided to offer something which really does have a value. We have ended the false clawback which never pays out and introduced a

12 month Free replacement guarantee on all candidates when you sign up to our Silver or Gold Terms of Business.

And we didn’t want loads of small print so

12 month No Quibble free candidate replacement Guarantee.

In the event that a candidate placed by us leaves your business (and is not serving their notice) within 12 months of joining for any reason whatsoever other than redundancy we will replace them free of charge.*

* Provided you have signed and met our Terms of business (and paid on time)