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The Advice Gap - How do we tackle it?

Financial Planner: A guide to Remuneration

What's the value of my IFA Business?

Spring Newsletter 2021

Candidate Testimonials

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Gender Balance

Gender balance is important to us at Paul Harper Search & Selection

Paul Harper Search Hires Ezek Search Founding Director & Senior Team

Exciting News - 21st Anniversary

Selling an IFA Business - The 3 Ps

CV Appraisal Service

Covid-19 - We need to come together by staying apart - Mayor Michael Soriano

A successful 2019!

Tomorrow's fish is still in the sea

You can't take an algorithm for a coffee!

Should you advertise the salary band on job adverts?

Financial Planning - Market Observations

Recruitment is like... Choosing your first dog

Paul Harper Search & Selection Turns 20!

Chartered and Certified Financial Planners - Podcast

Addressing the Gender imbalance in Financial Services

London - Recruiter Awards 2019

12 Month Guarantee

Taking the risk out of your hiring decision- free 12 month replacement guarantee

Launch of Guardian 1821

We are proud to be the Guardian's Recruitment Partner. Watch our Case Study.

Securing Top Candidates from Mergers and Acquisitions

When companies merge it can provide an opportunity for their competitors to attract new talents if they move quickly and professionally. However, there are pit falls to avoid. In this article, we highlight the key to success.

Top Interview Questions

It is believed that there are only 3 true interview questions and they are: Can you do the job? Will you love the job? Can we tolerate working with you? Let’s look at each question in isolation. It is easy to establish from a CV whether an individual

Fifty Shades of Hiring a Friend

And the consequences of getting emotionally involved. Surely there are loads of available candidates. I bet you get unsolicited CVs every day and phone calls from ex colleagues… it’s embarrassing isn’t it?! Particularly if they have heard you have a

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