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Certified Financial Planner numbers hit record high

Certified Financial Planners across the globe has hit record levels, reaching 175,573

Who would you choose?

A wealthy man is accused of a murder he didn’t commit but there are no witnesses to coroborate his story. He is given a choice of two lawyers.

Securing Top Candidates from Mergers and Acquisitions

When companies merge it can provide an opportunity for their competitors to attract new talents if they move quickly and professionally. However, there are pit falls to avoid. In this article, we highlight the key to success.

Competition increases for Top Talent in 2017

When I speak to senior directors and explain the level of competition, they all seem to naturally assume that candidates are falling prey to counter offers from their existing employer. This isn’t the case. In most cases sales leaders are finding they

THE HIDDEN JOBS MARKET - Why the secrecy?

One of the key benefits of using a headhunter has always been their ability to recruit with the highest levels of secrecy and confidentiality. This benefit continues to attract clients to headhunters, although the need for confidentiality is now

BDM Salaries almost back to pre-crash peak

7 years after the crash which devastated the financial services industry and caused havoc across the globe, BDM salaries have almost returned to their 2007 peak. Paul Harper Search and Selection has reviewed BDM salaries over the past 15 years, first

Demand for Financial Advisers grows as Product Providers stutter

Welcome to 2016. A new year in financial services and time for many to take stock. Yet again we appear to face a year of uncertainty with question marks over the state of the global economy. Despite the rising demand for financial advice, the

What can you do to secure more candidates?

Only see candidates who meet your brief - either through using a trusted headhunter or by telephone screening. Have a coffee chat initially to establish rapport and ensure cultural fit. This will pay dividends at 2nd interview/assessment. Only short list

Blue Skies in the Protection Market

No sooner was the election over when the telephones started to ring at Paul Harper Search & Selection. While we have seen an upturn in all vacancies, it has been marked how the Conservative majority appears to have buoyed the protection

Candidate is King

In the current market where there is a shortage of good candidates it is more important than ever that companies have a good recruitment process. If candidates have a bad experience at interview it can have an adverse effect on the

Call The Head Hunter

It’s getting tougher to secure the right candidate for the job. In January 40% of our offers were declined by candidates. The reason being they felt they could get a better offer elsewhere! Every employer wants the best person they can possibly secure

Competition for Sales Professionals - as companies rebuild their business development capability

In the first half of the year the market has been very buoyant for a combination of reasons. Niche companies, particularly Discretionary Fund Managers have been growing their business development teams. while larger companies have often found

A Question of Trust

As we see a move back towards head hunting the biggest challenge we will see is one of trust. Much of the growth is in the small Discretionary Fund Managers and many have a history of over promising on bonus potential. Likewise certain

Niche Company Recruitment - Quality over Quantity

In 2013 our newsletter No 3 included an article about big company recruitment stating large companies most value efficiency and speed from their recruiters which means their approach is very process driven. They tend to use a narrow

The Clamour for Integrated Distribution

It looks as if the market is finally picking up after the challenges presented by RDR. There have clearly been winners and losers. In the lead up to RDR implementation we saw almost total withdrawal from the market of most of the UK Retail banks

Big Company Recruitment

Over the past couple of years we have seen a significant change in the way many major companies have managed their recruitment. Some of the biggest companies have sought to reduce fees by negotiating deals with suppliers by promising

Farewell to the Gunslingers?

There appears to have been a big change in the client management area. In the past, the term “Account Manager” was a wide ranging one. While the duties might have varied between new business and ongoing issues, the reward

Top Interview Questions

It is believed that there are only 3 true interview questions and they are: Can you do the job? Will you love the job? Can we tolerate working with you? Let’s look at each question in isolation. It is easy to establish from a CV whether an individual

Fifty Shades of Hiring a Friend

And the consequences of getting emotionally involved. Surely there are loads of available candidates. I bet you get unsolicited CVs every day and phone calls from ex colleagues… it’s embarrassing isn’t it?! Particularly if they have heard you have a

Corporate Pension Specialists in Demand

In the past few years there has been an increasing reliance on Specialists to support the main Broker Consultant sales force. In the past, the highest paid people were undoubtedly Investment Development Managers, but increasingly difficult

Finding Hidden Candidates

Over the last few years we have a seen a significant change in our clients’ requirements. With a wealth of unemployed individuals in the market, it is relatively easy for clients to find an available candidate to fit into their sales team. We are

Keeping the Subs Bench Full!

Times are tough. Managers are under pressure to maximise the sales performance of their teams and everyone is under pressure to cut costs and increase sales. A time for Change? It seems that, unfortunately, no excuses are acceptable. In the

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