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We've had a bad experience before, how do I know you'll do a better job?


We are sorry that you had a bad experience with a recruitment agency in the past.  It is important to differentiate between a Recruitment Agency and Executive Search Consultancy.

An Agency works with many candidates and clients simultaneously.  It has no obligation to fill difficult roles and will target the low hanging fruit.

We are an Executive Search Consultancy.  We provide a dedicated resource to clients wanting the best and guarantee to see the assignment through to a successful conclusion.

Our service entails extensive research to identify all potential candidates for the role and to approach and ultimately appoint the best person for the job.

How can you guarantee this?

We have put a number of steps in place to give you the confidence to invest in our service:

  1. We access the hidden market. We know the market and find you the best available candidate for the role, not necessarily someone actively seeking a new role.
  2. We offer you a choice. No one should make a decision this important without having a choice of benchmarked and qualified candidates. We interview face to face and present a shortlist of candidates who not only want your role but also, more importantly, have demonstrated to us that they have the experience and ability you are seeking. 
  3. We guarantee a cultural fit. We offer psychometric testing for the 3 shortlisted candidates ensuring they are culturally aligned to your business.
  4. We guarantee the quality of our candidates. In the extremely unlikely event there is a problem, we offer a 12 month free replacement candidate guarantee.