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How A Search Works

Our Successful 7 Step Process

  1. Map the market - identify target candidates

  2. Approach candidates - establish suitability and interest

  3. Interview and 'sell' the role using a bespoke Candidate Specification

  4. Shortlist the best candidates for the role

  5. Support clients and candidates through the interview process

  6. Fully manage offer, negotation and resignation

  7. Remain in contact with both client and candidate through notice period

Identify and Headhunt Candidates

Specialist Research

Our team of specialist researchers define the market size and then begin the process of contacting potential candidates. Our researchers then identify all those people who are suitable for closer contact. The top half of this group would then be approached and views sought on the new role and their interest.

Overcoming Challenges

Convincing Candidates

The people we identify will be the best in their market place and many will not have been considering changing roles or are happy with their role. Our job is to highlight the challenges and benefits of considering a new role; this may be a salary increase but for the senior staff we approach the prospect of new challenges and roles may be the deciding factor.

Interviewing Candidates

We would normally eliminate down to 8 potential candidates who would be interviewed by one of our consultants in their own area. This process would lead to further shortlisting down to approx. 4 candidates who would be introduced to the client for interview and assessment. In some niche roles there may only be 2-3 people suitable for interview.

So from a potential market of the whole sector, Paul Harper Search & Selection would research and identify the top 4 people who meet the person specification for the role and are willing to move.