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Client Testimonials

COO of Niche Protection Provider -

“You provided a wide range of candidates who met the brief. I ended up with a shortlist of 3 excellent candidates who were all capable of doing the job. At the end of the day we could have offered any 1 of the 3 candidates and would have been happy with any of them, so the process definitely works.”

“Your process is really good. You’re really helpful and easy to work with. You gave me good support and I found it particularly helpful that both you and Alison (PHSS’s Head of Research) were both fully aware of the candidates in process and the stage you were at. Most importantly, you did what you said and kept your promises. Whilst I know that should be a given, all too often people don’t keep their promises. I felt you were accessible and knowledgeable which certainly helped the process run more smoothly.”


Head of Sales – Major Protection – New Entrant -

“The quality of your candidates has been excellent. I really like the dedicated service with a go to person to do the work for me and take the pressure off. It is a very strong process and I could certainly describe it as “fit for purpose” I was recruited as part of a retained search by Paul Harper Search and Selection, so I have experienced the process as a candidate as well. As a candidate it is a very good process. You genuinely screen all the people and weed out all the people that are just testing the water.”


Candidate –

“Paul Harper Search & Selection care more than other head hunters that I have met. The candidate specification was useful because it gave me an understanding of the client company and I am happy to say that it helped me prepare for my interview.”


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