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Our Vision and Values

Our Vision 

To be the preferred partner for specialist solutions to the Wealth, Pensions and Protection sector in Financial Services. 

Our Values


PEOPLE are at the heart of our business

Our PEOPLE are our team, clients and candidates

Our TEAM comprises our Employees, Associates, Business Partners, Vendors and Purchasers.


As a TEAM we:






As members of the REC, we follow the REC Code of Professional Practice. 

General Principles 

Respect for Laws

Respect for Honesty and Transparency 

Respect for Work Relationships

Respect for Diversity

Respect for Safety

Respect for Professional Knowledge

Respect for Certainty of Engagement

Respect for Prompt and Accurate Payment

Respect for Ethical International Recruitment

Respect for Confidentiality and Privacy   

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Diversity & Inclusion 

The UK is failing to make use of all its productive talents. The skills shortage has been increasing for many years and continues to mount following the pandemic.

Women, people with disabilities, working parents, older people and those from different ethnic and social backgrounds are still under-represented in Financial Services, and many other sectors and men dominate the highest-paid roles.

According to McKinsey & Company’s report ‘Delivering through Diversity, ’ companies with diverse leadership teams regarding gender, ethnicity, and age usually perform better than those with non-diverse teams for various reasons.

Companies with a wider range of experiences and backgrounds tend to be better at problem-solving, decision-making and have a clearer understanding of a greater range of clients or customers.

Diverse companies also perform better when appointing staff. They can attract, develop and retain talented staff because they recruit from a wide range of talent pools.

Take a look at our ‘Improving Diversity when Hiring' guide for steps on how to improve your diversity when hiring, addressing inequalities when hiring and tackling unconscious bias.

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