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Our Vision and Values

Our Vision 

To be the pre-eminent business to help Directors and Owners of Financial Services firms seeking planned growth by helping them to acquire:-

 Boardroom talent (C-Suite)

- Management and Specialist Talent

- Businesses & their Clients


Our Values

As members of the REC, we follow the REC Code of Professional Practice. 


General Principles 

  1. Respect for Laws
  2. Respect for Honesty and Transparency 
  3. Respect for Work Relationships
  4. Respect for Diversity
  5. Respect for Safety
  6. Respect for Professional Knowledge
  7. Respect for Certainty of Engagement
  8. Respect for Prompt and Accurate Payment
  9. Respect for Ethical International Recruitment
  10. Respect for Confidentiality and Privacy   













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