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Our RAISE hiring process

Hiring in the current market is very challenging but if you follow our proven 5 step R A I S E process you'll get ahead of the competition.

For over 23 years we have followed this 5 step RAISE process when headhunting and it works every time, even in the toughest market.

If you're serious about attracting top performers to your business, it's time to RAISE the bar...

We've put together a quick questionnaire which highlights areas that you could improve within your hiring process to enhance your ability to hire top people in today's competitve market.

Following our trusty R A I S E process, you'll be scored against the following key areas:


Simply answer 20 questions and instantly see your results. 

It's free, and takes less than 2 minutes to complete! 

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R - Research

This stage is often overlooked, but in order to convert your X number of approaches to Y number of interested individuals you need a large long list of suitable individuals (around 100) who are working for your competitors, in a similar role already, or looking for their next step up.

This stage takes time, because often the best people need uncovering!

A - Approach

If you’re sending out 50 impersonal, boring messages out on LinkedIn, expect to be left on read!

In today’s market, where demand exceeds supply, senior professionals will be receiving multiple messages a day.

So how do you stand out? 

Do you have a compelling message? Do you have a good story? Do you know the key selling points of the role? Are you able to answer key questions about the role?

I - Interview 

Having a smooth and speedy interview process that benchmarks your candidates and attracts individuals to your business is crucial.

Sometimes it’s best to explain it with an example…

We are currently working with a Financial Advice firm who completely gets it.

They are not messing around, they are acting on CVs, they are interviewing within a matter of days, and 2 weeks after CV submission we have offers.

This is how it’s done. In such a market where demand outstrips supply, speed is absolutely essential.

But, speed is just one factor …

Have you considered the following:

  •  Do you have a method for testing cultural alignment?
  •  Are informal references part of your process to validate candidate strengths and weaknesses?
  •  Do you have a way of ‘scoring’ answers – and more importantly do you know what kind of answers you want to hear?
  •  Are you able to sell the role and company? Lets not forget, interviews are not just about the candidate making a good first impression, you are being judged too!

S - Secure

With demand exceeding supply, senior individuals are juggling multiple opportunities.

So how are you guaranteeing that your opportunity is their number 1?

  •  Are you providing a competitive salary?
  •  Are you able to get your contract out within 24/48 hours?
  •  Are you investing in your people and offering an exciting and attractive benefits package
  •  Are you prepared for potential counter offers? Do you know their key motivators to leave their current company?
  •  Do you have a process to continue nurturing the individual throughout their notice period?

All the above points need to be considered to ensure you successfully secure your new team member.

E- Embed 

You’ve offered someone the job, they accept, and now what?

You EMBED them…

This is one of the most crucial steps to avoid a last minute disaster.

Hiring processes cost time and money, and the last thing you want to do is go through the whole process again because you failed to embed your new team member.

Creating an effective onboarding process is crucial and ongoing, open communication here is key.

With notice periods ranging from 3 – 6 months you can’t afford to skip this stage.